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Lily Allen Throws Shade At Cowboy Carter Calling Beyoncé’s Country Project ‘Calculated, Weird’

First off, Lily Allen, who?? Secondly, can you say Bey Hive swarm? The latter is what is about to happen after ‘artist’ turned podcaster Lily Allen called out 32-time Grammy-winning diva Beyoncé’s latest project ‘Act 2: Cowboy Carter.’ TMZ reports that Queen Bey is trying too hard. Hmm, isn’t that what you are supposed to do? TRY HARD to be successful? Anyways, the British singer broke down CC during her ‘Miss Me’ podcast – any of y’all heard of that one? – with her cohost Miquita Oliver. 

She went in on Beyoncé’s cover of the classic recording ‘Jolene’ by the amazing Dolly Parton. She called Beyoncé’s entry into country “weird,” to redo a song of that caliber. Allen went on to say, “I just feel like it’s quite an interesting thing to do when you’re like trying to tackle a new genre, and you just choose the biggest song in that genre to cover. I mean, you do you, Beyoncé, and she literally is doing her. Or is she doing Dolly?” 

Then Allen had a problem with the rollout of CC, saying it was premeditated and “quite calculated.” She called out Jay’Z’s Grammy speech. She brought up how Bey was booed at the 2016 CMA Awards, but that didn’t stop Allen from firing off plenty of shots. 

Get this: she also went in on Bey’s style, throwing shade at her look, saying, “I’m just saying that like, you know, she’s got a great team of stylists, hair people, you know, she works out a lot. I’m sure she’s got the access to the best trainers in the world.” Now, what’s her real problem? This quite frankly sounds like hate. Plain and simple. Talking about how Beyoncé LOOKS when she is PROMOTING an album? Whelp, the Bey Hive knows where to find Lily Allen, and this one won’t be pretty. 

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