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J.R.Clark’s “The Only Way Up”

J.R.Clark returns with his most heartfelt song to date. Hailing from Virginia Beach, the rising star continues to spend his waking moments in the studio perfecting his craft, and he’s not stopping until he gets to the top.

Starting out as studio engineer before finding his own voice on the microphone, J.R.Clark creates from a vulnerable place, with hopes to impact the rap game in a positive way. Now, he returns to release his new single and visual for “The Only Way Up.” The song features a blend of sampled melodies, reverb snares, room toms, and heavy 808’s, as he rhymes about being consistent as a rapper, taking time to understand the music industry, and making wise financial decisions.

Speaking on the music video, J.R.Clark states it was “rooted in simplicity. I wanted this video to look and feel gritty by encompassing the vintage tape aesthetic. This video was filmed in my Virginia Beach home recording studio to show my vocal chain, which consists of a Manley Reference C tube microphone, BAE Audio 1073 preamp, Tube Tech CL1B compressor, Prism Sound audio interface, and having close friends present for feedback and good energy.”

He even compares the vibe of the visual similar to Young M.A’s “Walk” home music video, proving that less is more.

Fans can expect J.R. Clark’s upcoming ninth studio album releasing next year, titled All Business, No LUV. He states, “To all artists, do not let social media dictate your creativity, be original with your content and sound, don’t chase algorithms, don’t mimic or follow trends; more importantly, do your research before you spend your money in this music business.”

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