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Celina Powell Gives Details of Her Sexual Encounter with Lil Meech

Summer Walker and Lil Meech seem to be exploring a new romance. And with that has come a hater, Celina Powell.

In case you missed it, the Over It single and BMF heir have been spending time together, with images of Walker in Meech’s chain hitting social media. With a rising romance coming, Celina Powell found a perfect time to fire off a sex tape with Lil Meech.

“I just posted the full video of me and babyyyyy BMF dick go crazy,” Powell wrote.

Now Celina Powell gives more details, revealing in her new The Toxic Twins Podcast how everything unfolded.

“I didn’t care about the fame anymore until the Lil Meech shit happen. He was like meet me in the bathroom, mind you, a rapper on Billboard is rapping in the booth. I’m trying to get a clip before the song is out. I go in the bathroom and give him the Gawk Gawk 3000. I couldn’t get the nut out, so a friend tried with me. He was not coming after two hours.”

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