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Donald Trump Spouts Off in Early Morning Rant Accusing Jack Smith of Colluding With Joe Biden’s ‘Fascist Thugs’

Donald Trump unleashed on President Joe Biden and Jack Smith in a rant online where he accused the two of working together to take him down, has learned.

On Monday, Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social to express his feelings. He told his supporters, “It has just been reported that aides to TRUMP prosecutor, Deranged Jack Smith, met with high officials at the White House just prior to these political SleazeBags Indicating [sic] me OVER NOTHING.”

“If this is so, which it is, that means that Biden and his Fascist Thugs knew and APPROVED of this Country dividing Form of Election Interference, despite their insisting that they ‘knew nothing,’ he added. “It’s all a BIG LIE, just like Russia, Russia, Russia, & not knowing about son’s business dealings. DISMISS CASE!”

Trump was upset after reading a New York Post report that revealed a Department of Justice employee who was assigned the Trump case met with Caroline Saba.

The meeting with Saba, the deputy chief of staff for the White House counsel’s office, was in March 2023 — months before Trump was hit with his first set of criminal charges by Smith.

Another source told the Post, “FBI agents on the case worried the prosecutors were being overly aggressive. They found it worrisome, too, that Bratt did not seem to think it mattered whether Trump was the official subject of the probe.”

After Trump raged about his belief there was collusion, he continued to go for Biden.

He wrote, “The division, anger, and hatred that Crooked Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt President in the history of the United States, has caused by Indicting his Political Opponent, who is leading him in the polls, all for the sake of Election Interference, and getting even for the very fertile investigations of him by the Republican Congress. It will only get worse because these deranged lunatics know no bounds. Someday, however, Sanity will again prevail. MAGA!”

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