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Zanu PF is unstoppable — says Mnangagwa as Magunje rally attracts bumper crowd

By James Muonwa l Mashonaland West Correspondent

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has predicted a resounding victory for Zanu PF in upcoming August 2023 harmonised elections, reiterating the revolutionary party is unstoppable.

Addressing thousands of supporters at a rally held at Magunje Saturday, Mnangagwa, who is Zanu PF first secretary, said his formation has won polls since independence in 1980 and shall continue its dominance on the local political landscape.

“On 23 August we must go and vote. Zanu PF is unstoppable, and who dares stand in its way? Since 1980, we have been marching, marching and continue to march,” said Mnangagwa.

He urged opposition activists to dump their parties and join the ruling party.

“The best one can do is to join Zanu PF and be part of the revolutionary party and great nation of Munhumutapa.”

Mnangagwa called for citizens to vote peacefully and shame the country’s detractors.

“A vote for Zanu PF is a vote for independence, a vote for freedom, a vote for dignity, identity and prosperity of our people,” he said.

The rally at Magunje attracted a bumper crowd at Chemhanza Stadium giving credence to Mnangagwa’s claim that “the party is loved by everyone in all parts of the country” although supporters were ferried in hired lorries and buses.

From the 2023 campaign launch held in Chipinge to the presidential rally convened at Bulilima in Matabeleland Province, and now Mashonaland West, attendances were overwhelming to confirm the mobilisation strength of Zanu PF, said the Mnangagwa.

“Those with eyes can see and those with ears can hear, you are here in your numbers…l want to let you know that the population of Zimbabwe that resides in the eastern parts of our republic, our motherland, came to witness the campaign launch and came in their numbers.

“We then said if those from the East came in their numbers, let us move to Bulilima, to the West, where the sun sets. Those in the West identify themselves with the revolution, they identify with the party.

“They identify with the party which liberated Zimbabwe and it is called Zanu PF and it is loved by everyone. Our people who live in the northern part of this republic also want to identify themselves with the revolutionary party that brought independence, freedom and sovereignty.

“Today you are assembled here to demonstrate your faith in the revolutionary party, Zanu PF.”

Mashonaland West is home to founding fathers of the armed struggle of independence such as the late James Chikerema and late former president Robert Mugabe as well as illustrious first black Chief Justice, Enoch Dumbutshena, hence the province’s voters must cast ballots to safeguard legacies of departed heroes, Mnangagwa reiterated.

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