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Political coalition says economic development a major point as it finalizes manifesto

Political coalition says economic development a major point as it finalizes manifesto

By William Milasi

THE Zimbabwe Coalition for Peace and Development (ZCPD) has said it will soon conclude its manifesto with economic development as it main focus.

Zimbabwe has in the past weeks witnessed soaring prices with the local currency fast losing its value against the USD. With polls set for August 23, political parties have promised the electorate to redress the situation.

The coalition’s leader, Trust Chikohora speaking in an interview with this publication on the sidelines of the party’s meeting in Gweru said their focus is economic development.

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“The main issue coming out from our interaction with Zimbabweans is to do with the economy. People are worried about the bread and butter issues, the runaway  exchange rate, stability in the economy. jobs, schools for the young and  that  women want to have decent work, they want to have projects and even agricultural land. Our SMES need our support. What has come up from our consultations across the country is very clear  and it will help us when we are finalising our manifesto,” he said.

ZCPD is a coalition of six political parties which are a part of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD).

“Last year as POLAD after we had a currency indaba we saw the country enjoying relative stability and we are calling for that indaba again. We are seeing that things are now getting out of hand. People are suffering we are now leading the call for us as a country to have a currency indaba, so that we stabilise the currency market, the exchange  rate, and prices so that people will be able to afford better lives so that we will have economic development. Economic development  is a major point for us as ZCPD that is the missing link in Zimbabwe, that is what everybody is crying about. It  is only when we work together that we can proffer solutions together and improve  our country  together,” added Chikohora.

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