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Suspect In Madeleine McCann Case Faces New Chilling Allegations

The court heard from the suspect’s former friend, Manfred Seyferth, who described witnessing some of Brueckner’s horrific acts.

Seyferth detailed the existence of what was referred to as a “rape lair,” where victims were bound and filmed during their attacks. He mentioned seeing a video from 2006 showing Brueckner abusing a young woman, highlighting the horrific nature of the crimes.

“I saw Brueckner directly in his face in one of the videos. And I could tell it was him from his voice in the other video,” Seyferth told the court.

“And then there was a second person, a girl, in Brueckner’s home,” he continued. “She was tied to a post, and Brueckner was dancing around her. He forced her to perform a sex act on him, then when she was unwell, he said: ‘You are ruining my carpet.’”

The room, as seen in court photos, contained everyday items, but also a large pole used to restrain victims.

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