Will Charles III be the last ruler of the Commonwealth?

As Britain hangs up the bunting for King Charles’s coronation, over 4,000 miles away in the Commonwealth realm of Grenada, arrangements look a little different.

Magistrate Arley Gill describes how locals have little to no interest in celebrating “the business of the British”.

Gill and his community are not alone. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a new era is being ushered in, and with it, restlessness is growing in the former British colonies yet to become republics.

In this week’s episode of The i Podcast we look at whether King Charles III could be the last monarch of the Commonwealth realm.

The realm was born from the British Empire and funded by the proceeds of slavery, making the relationship with modern Britain deeply complicated.

Host Molly Blackall is joined by Alannah Francis and Serina Sandhu to explore how more Caribbean islands may soon ditch their colonial past and get rid of the British monarch.

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