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When does the new Ulez start? Expansion date, London zone map and how to check if your car is compliant

London’s ultra low emission zone (Ulez) is set to expand across the whole of greater London later this month, with many car-commuters bracing themselves for a daily fine.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced the overall expansion will start in late August, after he won the High Court case to expand Ulez across Greater London.

The scheme has proved divisive – it was recently blamed for Labour’s Uxbridge by-election loss just weeks ago.

So when does the expansion begin? Here’s what we know.

When does it expand?

The Ultra Low Emission Zone will expand across all London boroughs on 29 August.

Ulez is a designated area in London where a fee is charged for driving the most polluting cars, which tend to be older models.

Hundreds of thousands of drivers across the capital will now face a daily charge of £12.50 every time they drive if their vehicle does not meet emission standards. Drivers will not be charged if they are parked within an ultra-low emission zone or on days where they do not drive.

Will my car be affected?

Transport for London (TfL) has estimated that on an average day about 160,000 cars and 42,000 vans that use London’s roads would be liable for the fee.

Petrol cars with engines that are compliant with Euro 4 emissions regulations, which were introduced in 2006, do not need to pay the Ulez charge.

Diesel-powered cars are only exempt if the engine adheres to Euro 6 vehicle emission rules, which came into force in September 2015. If your diesel car is older than that, it’s possible it will be subject to the Ulez charge.

To check whether your vehicle meets the emissions and safety standards threshold, you can enter your registration number into the Transport for London website.

The Government has said nine out of 10 cars seen driving in outer London on an average day won’t be affected, but for those who are, the Mayor of London has launched a £110m scrappage scheme to help eligible Londoners prepare for the expansion.

However, individuals are only being offered £9,500, leaving owners with up to £15,000 left to pay.

Ulez exemptions will be in place until 2025 for community transport vehicles, and until 2027 for people receiving certain disability benefits and vehicles specifically for people with disabilities.

Where does Ulez apply?

The scheme is currently confined to all areas within the North and South Circular Roads, but Mayor Khan plans to expand the remit across the entirety of Greater London.

The expansion will match the current Low Emission Zone, stretching as far as the M25 boundary in places.

The outer London boroughs of Bexley, Bromley, Harrow, and Hillingdon along with Surrey County Council had challenged the proposed extension to cover the whole of London.

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