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Courtney Clenney Murder Case: Prosecutors Livid Over Documentary

“The Respondent attempts to justify his conduct by suggesting that he must comment on the instant case to counter public narratives or incorrect reporting by the media or public,” according to the docs. “Or, put another way, the Respondent is seeking to litigate the instant case in the court of public opinion.”

Prieto was blasted for utilizing “the soapbox afforded to him to raise the proverbial temperature, attack Obumseli, his family, the State, and to facilitate a docu-series that is clearly intended to get inadmissible information to the jury pool in advance of trial.”

As we previously reported, Clenney’s lawyer disputed the claims that he acted inappropriately while building their defense, citing the “strategic release” of the “Elevator Video” which captured a dispute between Clenney and Obumseli within his response.

He added, “It would substantially prejudice Ms. Clenney if the defense is unable to correct any misinformation or be prevented from explaining information that is taken out of context.”

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